2019 Northern Hemisphere Ski Buyers Guide


It’s that time of year again, when we swap jackets for singlets, boots for thongs, and snow for beach. Except for the fact that our northern friends are coming into winter and the resorts are opening daily. For the lucky ones, trips have been planned and the countdown now reads weeks, rather than months. The perfect time to get your gear sorted is now.

On the ski front, wider skis that find themselves at home in soft snow often come at the sacrifice of hard snow performance. Deciding on an overseas ski depends on the type of skier you are and the rest of the options in the rest of your quiver of skis. This guide aims to respond to common statements we receive from customers and provide the recommendations for each scenario.

“I ski in Australia and overseas but stick to the pistes. When I’m OS and it snows, I will venture off-piste occasionally.”

You’ll see me carving & skiing fast, but don’t expect to ski bottomless powder. I also need a ski that will perform all over the mountain in Australia. A quality ski is a priority but I also want a bargain.

“I ski in Australia and overseas but venture away from the pistes. Generally, I ski more days in Australia than Overseas.”

I like to ski everything, short turns, long turns, trees, ice, moguls, everywhere. A ski I can take out no matter the conditions and have a good time is important to me.

“I ski in Australia and overseas, more off-piste than on, I want a 1 ski weapon” or “I am doing a season in Europe/North America and want an everyday ski”

I’m a good skier, and ski the whole mountain. Shrinking overseas baggage allowances compromises my ski choice, I want one ski to do it all.

“I want an Alpine Touring setup I can use all over the world.”

Venturing off the beaten track occasionally interests me, but I need to still be able to ski the same ski inbounds. I’m looking at using a frame Alpine Touring binding or the Salomon Shift.

“Finding powder overseas is my goal, and I am adding a wider ski to my quiver of 2, this ski will be mainly for overseas off-piste & powder, but could see action in Australia on rare occasions” or “I am doing my first season in Japan – I want something manageable but capable in the deep”

I want a ski that can go all day in the powder, but isn’t totally useless in a dry spell or on the groomers back to the lift. I only ski groomers if I have to so can deal with lack of hard snow performance.

“Give me the floatiest powder ski available, Japan is my second home”

You know who you are.

“I need to get my skis overseas but I’m limited by weight”

Somehow, baggage limits still shrink from year to year. Making it more and more difficult to get all your lovely new gear over the great powder destinations. Enter the Douchebag 2.0, the lightest and most functional ski bag on the planet. Fits skis up to 200cm and rolls down to prevent the dastardly sag common of most ski bags.

Alternatively, it doesn’t get bigger or more padded than the Dakine Boundary. It comes featured with customisable organisation, multiple rolling options, 360° padded ski protection and tons of room to make the whole trip a success.


With any Ski or Binding purchase, mounting comes free and we ship Australia-wide, also for free.

We hope this assists you in narrowing down your purchase options. We can further discuss your needs by phone, email, messenger, or in-person in our store. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.