7 Ski Hacks That Will Make Your Day Next Time You Hit The Slopes


Act the pro on your next ski trip with these hacks to get the most out of your ticket.

Hack 1: Buy your lift tickets online in advance. It’ll save you wasting time and fresh turns waiting in line, and you can often save money!

Hack 2: Beat the crowds with an early start. While everyone’s frying eggs, hit the slopes and enjoy fresh powder or corduroy before the masses.

Hack 3: Pack mid-morning snacks that can get you through to a later 2pm lunch. You’ll skip the crowds and enjoy the quiet slopes while everyone else is busy scoffing hot dogs.

Hack 4: Use the hand dryer in the bathroom to dry out your wet gloves and goggles during the day. Toasty warm!!

Hack 5: Hug the outside of any huge lift line. You’ll get a faster and cleaner run to the chair than those caught on the inside.

Hack 6: Worried about your new pair of skis going walkabouts while you’re at lunch? Split them up, stick one ski on a rack and the other in the snow by the entrance.

Hack 7: Ski till stumps on Sunday. People like to hit the road home early to “beat the traffic”. You are the traffic! So stay out for a few more hours, and enjoy empty slopes and a killer sunset! Your couch will still be there when you get home, and you’ll have a faster and more traffic free run and a few more runs under your belt.