MIPS/SPIN Helmet Technology

MIPS Helmets


MIPS is one of the most exciting new technologies in helmets from the last few years. Aimed at making helmets safer and minimising the impact of hitting your head. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, i.e. it improves the safety of a helmet when impacted on an angle.

It achieves this protection by the addition of a slip plane between the helmet and your head. The yellow layer inside any MIPS helmet or the video above is a thin, plastic layer that lets the helmet rotate independently of your head. Trying to minimize the rotational force on your brain.

The way in which your brain sits inside your head is more sensitive to rotational impacts than linear impacts. A non-MIPS helmet is great for preventing your skull from fracturing, but not as effective as a MIPS helmet in preventing brain damage.

MIPS aims to improve helmets for real life scenarios

MIPS Helmets look, fit and function the same way as non-MIPS helmets do, but with an extra layer of safety built in. MIPS is available in Salomon, Giro, POC, Anon, and Scott Helmets @ aussieskier. Shop all MIPS Helmets Here.


POC, not one to be outdone, has been in a similar development cycle in producing their SPIN technology. SPIN stands for Shearing Pad INside and functions in a very similar way as MIPS. The SPIN pads inside the helmet, give the helmet the same rotational ability and minimises the effect of rotational impacts as well.

POC have often been at the forefront of innovation in terms of helmet technology. Their helmets are some of the safest around, now a lot of their helmets either feature SPIN or MIPS and these technologies take them to the next level.