K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Preview


The Mindbender 90 Ti is the ski that we have been talking about being missing from the K2 Lineup for years. A ~90mm All-Mountain ski that can reliably handle going fast on hard snow, chopped up day old powder, ice, or really any conditions.

Combining a typical K2 solid core, with a ‘Y-Beam’ titanal plate and injected ABS sidewalls, the Mindbender 90 Ti is solid. The Y shape of the metal plate provides the benefits of metal where you need it, underfoot and in the tips, but allows for manoeuvrability in the tail. The Mindbender 90 Ti is a purpose built, Australian All Mountain charger.

In the early days of Aussieskier, the AMP Rictor 90 XTi was one of the most popular skis. So popular we still get a lot of requests from our customers to replace them. Even though the construction is different, the Mindbender 90 Ti is the definitive answer to replace that ski.

We spent a fair chunk of time on the Mindbenders prior to release at both the Outdoor Retailer On-Snow Demo in Colorado and the SIGB Snow Show in Italy. Boy did we come away impressed! The Mindbender 90Ti is a beautiful balance of stiffness and manoeuvrability.

Why we love it?

Skiing in Australia means being tough and skiing in every condition known to man. The Mindbender 90 Ti is versatile, stable at speed and smooth. Its the type of ski that skis incredibly well on-piste, but can handle off-piste conditions if necessary.

Who’s It For?

Short Answer: Everyone.

The Mindbender 90 Ti has a really nice sweet spot for Intermediate-Expert skiers who ski in Australia, Intermediates may find it a little tough at slower speeds, but will appreciate the stability at higher speeds. If you are the type of skier who likes to ski quickly, whether it be in control or not, the Mindbender will back you.

K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Specs

  • Dimensions: 127-90-114
  • Lengths: 163cm, 170cm, 177cm, 184cm
  • Radius: 17.9m (177cm)
  • Y-Beam Titanal plate
  • Powerwall – Injected ABS sidewall