Rip Curl Search Series – Eco Friendly Outerwear


New for 2017/2018 from Rip Curl is the Search Series of Outerwear. Aimed at minimising the environmental damage caused by the production of ski gear. With design emphasis on durability, with 100% recycled fabrics and low environmental cost.Rip Curl Search Series

Benefits for the Environment

A ton of environmental research has gone into the damage of producing waterproof outerwear. The amount of damaging perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) used in the textile industry is staggering. They have been used for the waterproofing outerwear for years, however, they are implicated in a range of health concerns for both humans and wildlife alike and persist in nature for a extended amount of time.

Rip Curl have made the Search Series 100% PFC Free both in materials and coatings applied to the outerwear. The Rudolf C0 PFC free DWR applied to the outerwear uses no long-chain fluorocarbons, something the industry has struggled with for years. Overall providing amazing waterproofing without the subsequent cost to the environment.

These products utilise as much recycled material as possible. Turns out that you can make a functioning waterproof jacket from 100% recycled fabric. Both the Mens and Womens versions of the Pro Search Jacket are made from 100% recycled materials, including the Cuffs and Powder Skirt! The membrane of one of these jackets/pants can be recycled from 20 PET plastic bottles!

The culmination of their environmental efforts with the Search Series is the nod of approval from Oeko Tex & Bluesign, two top tier environmentally responsible auditing companies.

Benefits for the Consumer

If being a responsible consumer isn’t enough, Rip Curl have made this gear incredibly technical and durable as well. Boasting very similar specs to their other pieces in their range and across the market.

Rip Curl aren’t messing around when they talk about durability. You will be inspired if you handle any of these pieces, they feel tough! They’ve done this by upping the density of thread used in materials, trims, and stitching.

To guarantee the improved durability, Rip Curl are offering extended warranty on Search Series items. 2 years on all stitching, taping, trims and zippers, and 5 years on fabric! As well as an extensive repair offering on out of warranty items.

The higher end pieces compete with any around on technicality, 30k waterproofing and 40k breathability powered by 37.5. As well as value, 20k/20k pieces that still boast all of the advantages of being a part of the Search Series without the associated price tag.