2018/19 K2 Skis Preview

K2 IKonic Skis: 80Ti, 84, 80, 78, 75 (left to right)

K2 Skis have come this year back with vengeance. A change in core composition for the Pinnacle 88 Ti from previous years give it more power and stiffness. The rest of the award-winning Pinnacle series will be unchanged asides from the amazing new graphics.

The K2 Wayback and Talkback skis have been given an exciting full overhaul. With massive weight reductions, these skis are now a super affordable and competitive option for getting out touring in the backcountry. We are super excited to get them on snow and test out what they can do!

K2 Chargers

K2 Charger Skis Preview
K2 Skis: Speed Charger, Super Charger, Turbo Charge, Charger, Ikonic 84Ti (left to right)

K2 IKonic

K2 IKonic Skis Preview
K2 IKonic Skis: 80Ti, 84, 80, 78, 75 (left to right)

K2 Pinnacle

K2 Pinnacle Skis Preview
K2 Pinnacle Skis: 118, 105Ti, 95Ti, 88 Ti, 85 (left to right)

K2 Freestyle Skis

K2 Freestyle Skis Preview
K2 Skis: Catamaran, Marksman, Poacher, Sight (left to right)

K2 Womens Piste Skis

K2 Womens Piste Skis Preview
K2 Skis: Press, Luv Machine 72 Ti, Luv Machine 74 (left to right)
K2 Womens All Mountain Skis Preview
K2 Luv Skis: Tough Luv 82, Endless Luv 80, True Luv 78, Secret Luv 76, Sweet Luv 76 (left to right)

K2 Womens Freeride Skis

K2 Womens Freeride and Freestyle Skis Preview
K2 Women’s Freeride and Freestyle Skis: GottaLuvit 105 Ti, FulLuvit 95 Ti, AlLuvit 88 Ti, ThrilLuvit 85, Missconduct, Empress

K2 Wayback and Talkback

K2 Wayback and Talkback Skis Preview
K2 Wayback Skis: 106, 96, 88, 84, 80 & Talkback Skis: 96, 88, and 84 (left to right)

K2 look to be in for a good year, come to have a look when we get them in @ aussieskier.com in May 2018!