2018/19 Nordica Skis Preview

Nordica Enforcer Skis: 93, 100, Pro (left to right)

Nordica kept it simple this year. Given the fact that nearly the entire ski and boot ranges were redone last year. Let’s give them some time to settle in. We have skied all of these skis extensively and love them, fully believe that if it’s not broken don’t fix it!

Graphics all see updates, the Navigators join the Enforcers with the Mountain theme, similarly, the Astrals join the Santa Anas with the snowflake theme. This brings uniformity across there range and is sure to look great both on the wall of our shop and on your feet on the mountain.

Nordica Navigator

Nordica Navigator Skis Preview
Nordica Navigator Skis: 80 and 90 (left to right)

Nordica Astral

Nordica Astral Skis Preview
Nordica Astral Skis: 88, 84, 80 (left to right)

Nordica Enforcer

Nordica Enforcer Skis Preview
Nordica Enforcer Skis: 93, 100, Pro (left to right)

Nordica Santa Ana

Nordica Santa Ana Skis Preview
Nordica Santa Ana Skis: 110, 100, 93 (left to right)

The Nordica’s flew out the door this year, if you are chasing a specific one get in quick. Available at aussieskier.com from May 2018!