2018/19 Line Skis Preview

Line Supernatural Skis Preview
The Line Supernaturals Look Mean!

Line Skis are at the front of Fish-tailed evolution again! Following the success of the Pescado, they continued have conjured up the Sakana, Line’s new All Mountain swallow tail skis. With 105mm Underfoot but still 150mm in the tip, it looks to have all the surfy characteristics that made its bigger brother shine.

Aside from the Sakana, the Chronic has been redesigned, the womens Pandora series has swallowed the Soulmates and everything got an amazing graphical facelift.

Line Eric Pollard Series Skis

Line Powder Skis - Pescado Sakana and Magnum Opus
Line Pescado, Sakana, Magnum Opus (left to right)
Line Powder Skis - Mordecai, Sir Francis Bacon, and Blend
Line Mordecai, Sir Francis Bacon, and Blend (left to right)

Line Freestyle Skis

Line Freestyle Skis Preview
Line Blend, Chronic, Tom Wallisch Pro, and Honey Badger (left to right)

Line Supernatural

Line Supernatural Skis Preview
Line Supernatural Skis: 100, 92 and 86 (left to right)

Line Pandora

Line Pandora Skis Preview
Line Pandora Skis: 104, 94, 84 (left to right)

The best looking collection of Line Skis in years, come get your fill at aussieskier.com May 2018!