TR: Hakuba Cortina 29th Jan 2012 – Rolling In The Deep


We spent much of yesterday evening wondering what exactly happened that day. The powder was mindblowing yet it exerted a calm over Team Powder Bible rather than the usual euphoria that typically follows an epic day. A sense of anxiety had been brewing, despite the fact that we had spent the bulk of this trip skiing powder in one form or another, we hadn’t scored big time. That emotion was rectified by some of the deepest snow we had encountered anywhere, and with a great looking forecast it was great knowing that things would continue.

Cortina reported yet another 25cm overnight so the destination for the day was an easy decision. The only factor that would make you not consider today to be an epic powder day was the conditions that preceded it. The snow-starved residents of the Western US would kill for what we found today, but we approached it with a somewhat relaxed attitude due to the physical toll on our bodies and the mental calm provided by yesterday’s efforts.

There was still plenty of fresh in the trees, with face shots most turns, but fewer choking episodes and wondering just how close that tree actually is as you make your third totally submerged turn……