NZ Club Field & Heli Trip – And so it begins!


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And so it begins!

I type this in feverish anticipation of the delights that await us on our upcoming Jetstar flight to Christchurch. Dom Perignon, Foie Gras, Beluga Caviar………………will not be served on this flight. A stale sandwich and can of Coke will have to do.

Flight is about to board, I will update this when we land!!!!!


  1. I didn’t know NZ was such a long flight. Still waiting for the update when you land!…….. 🙂

  2. I hope you managed to smuggle the extra kg’s free of charge. Did u fly in your ski gear? And harness?

  3. Managed to escape any excess baggage fees. Was pretty funny trying to get all our gear on the plane. Skiing was great today, heli tomorrow woot woot!