Mt Buller Update & Photo Mon 5/7/10


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UPDATE: 5:30pm Monday:

A great sunset pic from ‘glisse’:

Buller Summit Sunset 5/7/10

And a photo of yours truly on the Summit on Sunday morning, pic courtesy of Drew Wilson:

aussieskier on Mt Buller, Summit, 4/7/10

Update and pic from ‘glisse’:

Mt Buller Summit 5/7/10

Another beautiful day, a bit more wind than yesterday so a tad cooler. LBS is extremely slick as it wasn’t groomed over night. Skyline and Howqua look like they are a goer for Tuesday.

Also this from ‘Claude Cat’ on the forums:

Great morning out. LBS and Summit very good. Shaky Knees not bad either, but getting a bit sun affected by lunch.
Looks like they are trying to get Skyline ready, although it looks very thin in places.
Still rumours of Howqua opening, but not yet.
Quite crowded – especially Kofflers T-bar midload. There was a big collision on Summit, one carted off by ski patrol.