Hotham Snow Report – Saturday 8 September 2012


With yet another Friday storm rolling through things were looking good again.

Some of the forecasts for the amount of snow we were going to get were just downright fanciful. The temperatures in Melbourne and Adelaide were simply too high for anything but rain in the early stages of the front coming through. Thankfully, it turned to snow early Friday morning and continued through the day. The winds were some of the worst we have seen all season. It’s not often you see Village going on wind hold.

This morning the riding was pretty good. So long as you got out as early as possible. There weren’t a huge amount of people out waiting for the first chair up either. It took a while for Gotcha to open up due to all the snow that built up at the load meaning you had to hike the Extreme Zone or just stick to HV laps. Keogh’s/Orchard was also late opening and would have had a truckload of ice on the towers. By the time it opened the snow was already ‘off’. If you had a clean line it was still good but was noticeably heavier from about 9.30. There were a lot of damp skiers and boarders by the end of the day. It certainly didn’t stay cold.

Not many pics to show, didn’t stop all that much this morning. Checkout how small the sign at the top of Mary’s Slide is these days.