Mt Buller – Burnt Hut Chairlift Update


Forgot to add this to my last blog on Snowmaking and Summer Grooming.

As I’m sure many of you are aware the Burnt Hut lift was hit by lightning prior to the 2010 season and the drive station burned to the ground. Buller quickly reacted and installed 2 long magic carpets to cater for the beginners in the area. Also further plans to realign the lift, and add a new lift to bring skiers up to Baldy were released & reported here last year.

Burnt Hut Chair Replacement
Burnt Hut Chair Replacement

It’s my understanding that the DSE has rejected Buller’s application for the new lift, with the Department issuing a number of requests for compliance before the permit will be granted. It was also described to me that this process is not unusual and the items that need to be addressed are all achievable, or are refutable. However the time taken will mean that the approval, and hence the new lift will not be available until after this Winter. Buller is still planning the realignment and the second lift, and I think both will be excellent additions to the area.

If anyone has more information please feel free to leave a comment.