Buller Snow Report – Queen’s Birthday 2011

Bull Run
Bull Run

UPDATE: Monday June 13 12pm:

It’s all a bit “deja vu all over again” today – more blue skies, firm fast snow on Little Buller and good company & a lovely lunch at Koflers.

Crowds were lower than yesterday which was welcomed, it got a little crazy, but numbers were still solid today.

The snowmakers got a limited window early this morning when the humidity dropped, but it didn’t last long and they weren’t able to make a substantial amount of snow to open new runs. Summit, Shakey and Family are very close.

Took a few more snaps, although there wasn’t a huge amount of point as there was little change in the view from the last 2 days:


Of note were the pink skies from the Chilean volcanic eruption. There’s a hint of excitement about this event due to the incredible ski season in 1992 after the Pinatubo eruption. I will do some homework on it midweek and see if I can find any correlation.

UPDATE: Sunday June 12 4:30pm

After a bit more sedate evening on Saturday things were feeling much better this morning. However it really is quite conflicting being able to ski on Opening Weekend!

We still didn’t burst out of the gates this morning, and were met with a sizable queue at Holden. We knew this meant that Little Buller and Wombat lift line would be crowded so coffee at Koflers seemed to be a much better option. When we finally made it down our suspicions were confirmed:

Word had no doubt got around about the blue skis and reasonable conditions! I heard from some others that there were a few speed demons out there ruining it for everyone else.

>One wait in that line was plenty, so we headed back to Bourke St to do a few runs with the niece and nephew. Anticipating a bit of a lunchtime lull we headed back to LBS and it was much nicer.

It looks like they have run the cats down the Summit but there still isn’t quite enough snow to open:

According to Patrol, Family Run and Shakey Knees are the runs that will likely open next with a couple of nights more snowmaking. They are very close, just need a shade more snow.

After a festive late night, this mornings movements were a little slow. We had to wait almost an hour in line for our season passes which was pretty frustrating since they had our photos on file and they were paid for in December.

We then headed up to Koflers for some hangover cures and went for a slide. Little Buller is in fantastic condition, great cover all the ay to the bottom load station. The top half of Wombat was closed and ungroomed but that didn’t stop some intrepid explorers and Patrol ended up opening it.

However there’s only so many times you can ski Little Buller so we donned the skins and went for a quick hike up to the summit to take some photos and check out the view:





All in all, it was lovely weather and great to have skiing on Opening weekend.

What a beautiful looking morning – my on-the-ground reporter has just sent these through:

Bull Run
Bull Run
Bourke St Sunrise
Bourke St Sunrise

And a couple of lovely webcam shots as well

Bourke St Snowcam
Bourke St Snowcam
Village Snow Cam
Village Snow Cam

With images like that, there’s not much more to say.

There will be free skiing today on Bourke St from 12-3, with at least 4 lifts planned to open tomorrow. Tickets for the long weekend will be half price – $52 for adults & $28 for kids, with a generous upper age limit on the Kids prices of up to school Year 12.

The car is packed, just need to get through a day of work and then it’s up to the mountain for tonight’s festivities.

I’ll be up at about the crack of noon tomorrow, to go for a slide, go to Koflers and hopefully take a few pics for everyone.

If you do get out on Bourke St today for free, let us know how it was in the comments below.

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