2019/20 Nordica Skis Preview


Nordica keeps on doing what they do best: Enforcers. A slew of new Enforcers is bound to keep a ton of people really happy. The Enforcer 88 is the most interesting for the Australian market. Same construction and a similar profile to the ever popular Enforcer 93 but with a narrower footprint.

The other new Enforcers are wider options called Enforcer Free. These new skis share DNA with the Enforcers we love – 2 layers of metal running through them making these aggressive skis for advanced to expert skiers. However, the Enforcer Free series features more of a freeride shape with a tail rocker for increased pivot off-piste. They’ll be bound to ski variable snow excellently.

The Santa Ana’s are back and look as beautiful as ever. For the lady who rips, these skis share the same construction as their male counterparts. Of note is the addition of the narrower Santa Ana 88 which will be right at home in Australian conditions.

Santa Ana 88, 93, 100, 110

Nordica skis have always been a favourite of ours at aussieskier. You can find the new skis at aussieskier.com in May 2020.

Nordica Astral 78, 84 and Navigator 80, 85, 90