Instagram Video Launches Today


Instagram and the #aussieskier hashtag was one of our highlights of 2012.

We launched it just prior to the opening of the season, and within minutes we were receiving snow images from all around the country. They are automatically posted to our Facebook Page, and we’ve even been printing them on our wall.

We’re received over 2200 to date and they are still rolling in thick and fast. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it’s perhaps the biggest endorsement what we managed to achieve when you look around at all the snow sites and businesses that have copied what we’re doing.

But that was so 2012. Today Instagram has launched Video – you can read more about it here on the Instagram Blog

We integrated an Instagram-like service for Video called Viddy last year – this still works – but it doesn’t have the critical mass of Instagram’s massive user install base. We wouldn’t call it a failure but nor was it a raging success.

While we still love your pictures, skiing is an action sport and it’s time for you to step up and show what you can do with the art of the moving image.

Go out, shoot your best run, pow line, tricks in the park, stacks or even a quick snow report. Instagram will give you 15 seconds of fame and of course the groovy filters that you have grown to love.

Hashtag your creations with #aussieskier and we’ll do the rest. We need the kind nerds of the Internets to help us out get it all integrated with and our social media outlets – but don’t worry – if there’s one thing we do well here, it’s moving quick with online services.

Once we’ve seen the best ways to integrate your videos we will be announcing giveaways and competitions – we have some cool ideas and tasty prizes already.

So go ahead, grab your phone, hit the update button and start shooting!