2015 K2 Mens Skis Range – On Sale Now – Buy Online or In-Store


Update: 2015 K2 Skis are now available in our Store

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Hot on the heels of Tim’s excellent report from SIA – K2’s 2015 Skis have been released on their intranet, so here are the updated graphics of the Mens Skis, fresh and in high resolution:

K2 AMP Frontside/Carving Range: (Click thumbnail to Enlarge)

K2 Shreditor Symmetrical Freestyle range – new for 2015 is the Shreditor 92, replacing the Recoil, and the Shreditor 136 “Powabunga” which is a re-imagining of the Hellbent: (Click thumbnail to Enlarge)

K2 Park/Pipe Skis:

K2 Annex Sidecountry Range inc the Annex 118 Seth Morrison Pro Model: (Click thumbnail to Enlarge)

K2 Wayback / Coomback Backcountry Range: (Click thumbnail to Enlarge)

Womens Skis to come shortly in a separate post.

We will be receiving stock of most of these skis in early April 2014. To be notified of the new models and all our other news, please sign up to our mailing list.